About K-Coupling®

Our Idea of Flexible Perfection

Design, production, and service engineers' idea of coupling perfection. Eliminates misalignment connection problems.

Absorbs parallel and angular misalignment and compensates for bearing wear

The unique K-Coupling® design provides maximum operating flexibility. It will run smoothly and quietly at up to 3/16" (4.75mm) parallel and 15° angular misalignment.

Reduces bearing loads

There is no extra load on motor bearings, even in severe misalignment applications. Bearings last longer and require less maintenance.

Adjusts to axial end play

It reduces thrust loads, allows for assembly in tight quarters, and provides for variable end-to-end distance.

Runs very quietly

It dampens vibration and motor noise. Coupling rattle is also eliminated and overall machine performance is improved.

Provides a positive drive connection with zero backlash

It transmits the exact rpm with no lag during speed or directional changes.


Core Competence

Beemer Precision, Inc has a CORE BUSINESS mission devoted to the production and delivery of plain bearings rewarding our customers with engineered quality for over 80 years.

OEM and Distribution Partners come to us with opportunities to develop solutions from past experience or create a new matrix raising industry CORE EXPECTATIONS.

Two plants with a crystal clear business focus clearly defined and measured by our partner’s successes, is AT THE CORE.

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