Super Oilite® M-Series Metric

Search for the specific Super Oilite® M-Series metric product you need by clicking the small product image in the right column. Products include sleeves, flanges, and thrusts.

Super Oilite® M-Series genuine metric products are made in the USA for a variety of high-load, and specialty industrial applications. A full list of metric products can be found on the Oilite® All Metric Products Page.

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Super Oilite® M-Series Metric

Higher Load-Slower Speed Designs Economic Alternative Material

Iron-Based Sintered Product Impregnated with Extreme Pressure Synthetic AM3-SPD™. Higher Load, Slower Speed Designs Economic Alternative Material.

Temp Range -26°C to +149°C

-26°C to +149°C

Super Oilite® M-Series Metric/PLUS

Metric Sizes - Extreme Performance-Unique Applications

PTFE Additive-Reduced Friction Synthetic Oilite® Plus-SPD™. Extreme Performance-Unique Applications.

Temp Range -50°C to +149°C

-50°C to +149°C

Super Oilite® M-Series Metric Non-Tox

Economic High-Load Material

USDA H1 Approved Synthetic Lubricant: Non-Tox-SPD™; Economic High-Load Material.

Temp Range -59°C to +175°C

-59°C to +175°C

Super Oilite® M-Series Metric Food Contact

Specialty Food Application

Sintered Bronze Impregnated with Food Grade Mineral Oil: FDA 21 CRF 172.878. Specialty Food Application.

Temp Range -23°C to +100°C

-23°C to +100°C

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