Olite® Polymer M-Series Metric

Search for the specific Oilite® Polymer M-Series metric product you need by clicking the small product image in the right column. Products include sleeves, flanges, and thrusts.

Oilite® Polymer genuine products are made in the USA for a variety of chemical resistant and low friction applications.

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Oilite® Polymer Acetal Metric

Good Chemical Resistance

Bearing Grade, Good Chemical Resistance, Low Moisture Absorption, Max PV .095

-40°C to 82°C

Oilite® Polymer Glass-Filled PTFE Metric

Higher Loads than Plain PTFE

Ultra-Low Friction, Higher Loads than Plain PTFE, Chemical Resistance, Max PV .35

-198°C to +260°C

Oilite® Polymer MDS-Filled Nylon Metric

Less Friction than Plain Nylon

Less Friction than Plain Nylon, Light Duty Applications.

-29°C to +99°C

Oilite® Polymer Nylon Metric

Light Duty Applications

Light Duty Applications, Clean Applications.

-29°C to +99°C

Oilite® Polymer Peek Metric

Chemical Resistance, High Performance, Low Friction

Bearing Grade Material, Chemical Resistance, High Performance, Low Friction.

-40°C to +260°C

Oilite® Polymer Poly-Safe Ultra-FDA Metric

Food Contact

High-Performance Food Contact.

-40°C to +104°C

Oilite® Polymer PTFE Metric

Good Chemical Resistance

Good Chemical Resistance -Ultra Low Friction.

-198°C to +260°C

Oilite® Polymer UHMW Metric

Low Friction-FDA listed materials

Low Friction-FDA listed materials -Good Chemical Resistance - withstands caustic washdowns.

-128°C to +82°C

Oilite® Polymer Vespel® SP-21 Metric

Ultra-High Performance Bearing Grade

Metric Sizes for Ultra-High Performance Bearing Grade, Vespel® is a Trademark of DuPont.

-240°C to +287°C

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